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Last update: 15 november 2014

Attire of Californio Settlers

          One of the interesting and creative aspects of membership in Los Californianos and any other cultural group is the study of period attire.  To

wear the clothing  is to experience, with some degree of authenticity, the lifestyle.  

         The San Buenaventura Bicentennial Commission and the Anza Trek Planning Committee  made available two booklets developed by Richard Senate.  These

booklets gave participants of the 1976 Juan Bautista de Anza Trek Re-Enactment in Ventura County.   These booklets, “Costumes of Spanish and Mexican California

and the Southwest”  and “De Anza Trek Costumes 1776” are available from the Los Californianos  traveling  library.   The drawings of authentic clothing show

early  styles for men, soldiers, vaqueros, women and children.

          The illustrations below show some examples of these drawings up to the 1850s.   Eventually trade reached Alta California which influenced styles.

Additional images are photographs from the latter part of the 1800s showing the  gradual shift to the Victorian and Civil War Antebellum period clothing.

Although the use of ponchos, rebozos and shawls, combs and mantillas, braids and ruffles continued the Spanish style influence.

          Finding Spanish/California Ladies period clothing can be a challenge.  An  even greater one for Men's attire.    Listings of websites offering period

clothing are available by contacting mariajosecalifornio@gmail.com.