Meeting Pictures

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Picture from january 2015 meeting in monterey

Ann Fritch, #292, Receiving 40 Year Award From Michel Franco

pictures at Saturday Dinner, 28 October 2006
[hosts encouraged period attire for the occasion]


                               Marcy Bandy, Dee Roberts, Maurice "Duke" Bandy    Maurice "Duke" Bandy, Benita Gray, Marcy Bandy


               Bettie Dall                             Lillian Donahue and Bettie Dall                              Lillian Donahue


                                                Rory and Michel Franco                             Valerie and Kitty Hall


                                                             Jack Lyons                                              Kathryn Murray                                


                                                                          Christine "MIckey" Schwald                     Patti Shore

Beatriz and Ken Wing