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Last Update: 29 april 2017

Publications for Sale

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Volumes II through VII, and XI
None available at present time.


Volume I (all 4 sections combined)
(spiral bound reproduction of the originals)
Available in the Traveling Genealogy Library for $22


 Volumes VIII, IX, X, XII, XIII, XIV
(original printing)

Please send your order and check made payable to Los Californianos to 

Los Californianos Publications

P.O. Box 1633

Ventura, Ca. 93002-1633

(Prices include sales tax, shipping, and handling)

Antepasados, Volume VIII: Captain Juan Bautista de Anza - Correspondence on Various Subjects, 1775, Archivo General de la Nación, Provincias Internas 237, Section 3, Transcribed, Translated and Indexed (with Commentary Notes) by Donald T. Garate ($30.40, 328 pages, reprint

Antepasados, Volume IX: Anza's Return from Alta California (Anza Correspondence 1776-1778) by Donald T. Garate, Illustrations by Wade Cox ($30.40), 340 pages

Antepasados, Volume X: Cosas de California = Things of California by María Inocenta Pico viuda de Ávila; Dictated to Thomas Savage and Edited by Mary Triplett Ayers, Maurice and Marcy Bandy, and Rudecinda Lo Buglio ($32.70), 149 pages

Antepasados, Volume XII: The Juan Bautista de Anza -- Fernando de Rivera y Moncada Letters of 1775-1776: Personalities in Conflict by Donald T. Garate. ($37.40), 282 pages

Antepasados, Volume XIII: Law and Community on the Mexican California Frontier by David J. Langum, Sr. ($38.40), 353 pages.

Antepasados, Volume XIV: Commander José Castro in the Two Californias, Including His Final Correspondence, 1856-1860 by Julianne Burton-Carvajal. ($29.80), 196 pages


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