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Last update: 29 april 2017

Los Californianos Research

Los Californianos was created for the purpose of preserving the heritage of the early Hispanic Californians [also called Californianos or Californios] in Alta California by conducting research on genealogy and civil, religious, military, and cultural activities in Alta California in order to provide an accurate and authentic interpretation of the history of Spanish and Mexican Alta California. To this end, Los Californianos publishes, does genealogical research with original sources, provides copies of land grants at a nominal fee, and offers its services to vet historical and genealogical material. 

Los Californianos publishes the Antepasados, periodically, and the Noticias para Los Californianos, quarterly. You can find the availability of past issues of the Antepasados on our Publications page.

Copies of Spanish and Mexican land grants are made available through our Expedientes Program. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of a land grant, contact Chairman Luis Marmolejo-Meilln, email LGMarmolejo@hotmail.com.

Our past Genealogist, Sheila Ruiz Harrell, offers corrections to abstracts of records on our Corrections page. These corrections are compiled from original sources. 

To aid you in utilizing the Noticias para Los Californianos for your research, we are now in the process of making available an index of back issues.
The indexes to the years 1969 through 1989  are now on the Web site. See Noticias Index.

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