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To search the entire Web site for a term such as a name, place, or event

Go to and in the search box enter

site: los californianos term

[in place of term use the name, place or event you are looking for]

In the results,

Clicking on either the page title or "Cached" will take you directly to the page.

Once on the page, control F will open a Find box
where you can enter the term you are looking for and
it will take you directly to the citations on that page.


  • You will get more "hits" if you use a surname alone, without given names. If you use given names with the surnames, you may miss a citation because of a difference in spelling or difference in order of given names, e.g., María Francisca Luisa Garcia or María Luisa Francisca Garcia.

  • Be sure to try all possible spellings of a name or place, e.g., Butrón, Buitrón. Also some letters are interchangeable. For instance, names beginning in "I" may also appear as beginning in "Y". "B" and "V" are also interchangeable. You must search for each possibility separately.

  • If you are not sure of the gender, search both feminine and masculine, e.g. María Francisca Garcia and María Francisco Garcia. Note that María is used for both males and females.

  • Do not use honorifics such as Mr., Mrs., Don, Doña, Capt., Sgt., etc. in your search. They are not used consistently in the citations.

  • Use city names without county, state, or country names in your search. Sometimes the county, state, or country may not appear in the citation.

  • Use mission names without any form of Mission or Misión in your search. Use the common or short version of the mission name, e.g., San Antonio rather than San Antonio de Padua.

  • Use Rancho names without Rancho or Ranch in your search.

  • If the place includes a definite article such as the, la, las, el, or los, search with and without the definite article, e.g. search for both Peñasquitos and Los Peñasquitos.


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